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They didn’t find him for a week.

reblogging because i headcanoned that they only found him because Tony happened to be flying that way and was like “that’s a freaking huge bird nesting in th- WHAT THE HECK CLINT? GUYS I FOUND CLINT!”

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what about when bucky joins the avengers and he’s back to his old overprotective boyfriend self and is always keeping an eye out for steve on missions

like he’ll perch up on the tops of buildings with his sharpshooter and gun down every baddy before they get a chance to come within five feet of steve

and steve just yells up to wherever he thinks the rain of bullets is coming from and is like “let me hit SOMEONE bucky!”

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This will always be the best part of the movie.

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"Are you flirting with me, Lokes? Because honestly that’s just fucking weird, considering that you look like a teenager."
"You’re just making me hate myself for liking it."

another aoa!frostiron manip because………… i’m so deep there’s no coming back

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Tom Hiddlestons’ hair is 36% more curly than Benedict Cumberbatchs’. [x]

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56 - 57 | 100 - Jeremy Renner

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"You do anything fun Saturday night?"

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"Edgar just wants to help, you know. Thinks the world of you.”

"He shouldn’t worship me the way he does. I’m not who he thinks I am."

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  • Season 7 of Hannibal: Hannibal Lecter has successfully framed every character on the show except himself. Jack brings Winston in for questioning.
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