I want this on a shirt

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So earlier today I saw this post by therealelizabethbennet, but the data was from 1988, so I thought I would do some updated calculations.

Thanks for mentioning me & for doing this. You are a wonderful person and thank you from all the Janeites all over the world. You did us a great favor :)

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this is absolutely incredible

No but have you seen the whole video? because it gets fucking gruesome. (x)

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"idris elba as—"


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Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. More info on the exhibit can be found here.

The photo is usually seen cropped from the waist up, as it was in the 1980s when the activist organization ACT-UP used in it on a T-shirt in their Read My Lips campaign. But the print hanging in the Kinsey gallery is the original version. Below decks, the sailors’ flies are open, and they are, so to speak, crossing swords.”

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This one has defeated me. I tried colouring it but it just won’t happen.

You win this round, GotG.


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*reads foucault*

*nods while not understanding*

*rereads foucault*
*realizes that in nodding in agreement to a text upheld by the academy and your peers as an informative text you’ve internalized a power relation from a specific assemblage of knowledge and ideas, so while you didn’t understand foucault the first time you understood power and its effect on the body intuitively*

*reads post*
*nods while not understanding*

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Concept Art + Final Film)

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Good news bad news best news


The good news:


 I found my favorite old jacket while sorting through my old stuff

The bad news:imageThe last time I wore it I was nine years old

The best news:


I am the anime now

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I want this written across my ceiling.

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The human brain is an amazing organ. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam

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mcu meme: eight characters [5/8]

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